Smell Training

Four Smells, Four Minutes a Day

Smell training is a technique to trigger your sense of smell and prompt regeneration of the olfactory nerve.

The process is to simply sniff the same 4 oils (scents) twice a day. This is done by spending 20-30 seconds on each scent in the morning and 20-30 seconds at night while actively focusing on a specific time and place where you experienced this specific fragrance. It is safe, easy, and anyone can do it.  

What you need

A Kit- the recommended training oils are Rose, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Clove which are all included in our Elixir Kit. You can order by going here.

Four Minutes per Day- Two in the morning, two at night


How to Do It

- Open an amber bottle and bring it 2" from your nose

- Breathe in gentle sniffs for around 20-30 seconds

- Concentrate on the scent you are smelling. Block out distracting thoughts and keep your mind focusing on the scent at hand. For example keep your mind on the lemon.  

- Close the amber bottle and repeat with the other 3 scents

Consistency is key, so stick with the same scents and remember to complete this process twice a day.


Don't be Discouraged!

Smell training takes time, so do not get discouraged if you do not see results overnight. The process of regaining your sense of smell can be arduous and long for specifically people, as it affects everyone differently. There are accounts of people dramatically getting better after only a couple of days, and in some instances it takes several months before seeing improvement. It all depends on how consistency and patience in the journey of finding that relief. An impaired olfactory system has a high chance of repairing itself, so positivity and a fierce attitude is utmost importance!

Video Demonstration

-Video Credit to KSAT 12 News