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What's Included?

- Four Essential Oils: Rose, Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus (USDA Approved)

- Carrying Case

- Informational booklet about smell training and how to use

Using an advanced Steam Distillation Method to create the highest quality and most effective oils, we have designed our process and oils to be easy and convenient.

Directions for Use

We like the
Four n' Four Method
(4 Oils for 4 Minutes a Day)

1. Open an amber bottle and bring it 2" from your nose

2. Breathe in gentle sniffs for around 20-30 seconds

3. Concentrate on the scent you are smelling. This is the most critical part of the process. The success of the olfactory training depends on putting one's mind in a state of ease, and try to remember specific memories and places when smelling these items in the past. This is how to reconnect your olfactory bulbs back to your central nervous system.

4. Close the jar and repeat with the other three scents

**Consistency is key, remember to complete this process twice a day and to stick with it. Results can be gradual

Specific memories from a personal example:

A. Lemon: Squeezing a lemon on a fresh fish.

B. Clove: Passing the spicy cinnamon candy section at the candy store

C. Rose: A whiff of roses at a local grocery store.

D. Eucalyptus: Appreciating the refreshing forest scent while hiking.

This is a personal example- everyone has a different story. Re-connect Yours

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Crafted from polished wood, our beautiful oil diffuser brings the outdoors in. An LED light ring runs around the base creating a simple and modern finish. Enjoy your essential oils for up to 14 hours of aromatic mist.


Important Notes: There is not specific scientific measuring tests that have been conducted to determine the success of a diffuser on smell training, however it is a risk free way to help continuously stimulate the nose in a refreshing at ease way. Make sure to add water and only add a few drops of essential oils in with the water mix.

Disclaimer: As a company that holds itself to a high standard of valuing the consumer, we cannot say this method will guarantee success. Although the scientific methods have proven it, we offer a flexible return policy, and promote all emails to communicate one on one with you.