• Quickly & Naturally Smell Again

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Quickly & Naturally Smell Again

Smell a Difference Today

Introducing Elixir Kits

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We emphasize Smell Training

Based on proven research, there are 4 essential oils that can assist in increasing olfactory function These are Rose, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Clove

These oils are included in our smell training kit found here

- Simply Sniff each Oil for 20-30 seconds (4 Oils)

- Repeat Twice A Day (Roughly 4 Minutes in Total)

- Results are gradual, but can see progress in as fast as the first day. Be consistent and smell "mindfully" for the best results :)

The Four Scents

Rose: Sourced from the Rosa demascena plant, about 484,000 rose petals are used to fill one 10mL jar. Is said to help in improving mood and reducing anxiety. (Floral)

Eucalyptus: Extracted from the leaves of eucalyptus trees. The oil is used as a remedy to help with nasal congestion, asthma, and tick repellant. Eucalyptus is often found in mouthwashes. (Resinous)

Clove: Derived from the Clove Tree native to Southeast Asia, the oil is produced from distilled flower buds. Clove is claimed to relieve toothache and muscle pain. (Aromatic)

Lemon: A "cold-pressing" process picks and rotates the peel of the lemon as the oil is released. Believed to be an at-home remedy that can help with digestion, improve skin, and help you feel energized. (Fruity)

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Normally priced at $25.99, the Elixir Diffuser fills the room with pleasing aromas and a colorful, soothing Glow, which can assist in the process of stimulating your nose. Want to See what makes our Diffuser so Special?

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What is an Elixir?

Defined as a "Magical Potion designed to Cure", Elixir could not be a more perfect name for our company. At Elixir Oils, our Mission is to quickly and naturally help people suffering from smell loss, smell again. Using Rose, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Clove oils to smell train on a consistent basis, can help get you begin to smell the fresh brewed coffee in the morning or the sizzling chicken on the stove.